Ride to fit- week in review

Hi I’m Xan, and this is my ride to fit.

I’m starting up a week after I actually got started on my journey, so this is kinda a week in review. I am an amateur cyclist, who started at 360lbs. I’ve been fat all my life, mostly due to being addicted to processed foods and refined sugar since an early age. I also have a bad habit of stress eating; It would be hard to find me without a Twinkie wrapper or a Grandma’s cookies sandwiches bag on my desk.

Last week my wife and I started the paleo diet. Basically cutting out all processed foods and making everything ourselves, while staying away from sugar, wheat and dairy products. It’s really been interesting, and I’ve had to bend the rules a little because I’m allergic to coconut, and this diet is basically all coconut all the time. So I’ve been substituting with almond products and small amounts of agave and honey. So far it’s been working.

We started on a Monday, while having our “last day of freedom” on Sunday as we were buying supplies for the week. The diet consists of eating meat, and clean foods. So we got friendly with the local trader Joe’s and a local shop that focuses on clean eating. (And it’s right next to a bike shop.)  Sunday we prepped and cooked things for the week. We made killer mini egg muffins, overnight oats for breakfast, and mini lean meatloaf muffins for lunches. Also packing fruit, and protein shakes for snacks. At the end of the day we were set and I locked in at 356lbs.

Monday came, and I started out the day pretty good, however the temptation for all the sweet stuff was pretty much killing me all day. I felt miserable and hungry no matter how much I ate. I was cranky and in a bad mood all day. I ate all the food I brought, and had a whole protein shake late in the afternoon. This ended up making me bloated, and not hungry for dinner at the end of the day. Lesson learned, don’t drink them that late.

Tuesday, I checked in at 355lbs probably thanks to the lack of food I ate at the end of the night. This time I focused on eating a little less when my body was telling me to eat and waiting for the urge to go away. I drank the shake at 9 in the morning which helped a good bit for quieting the appetite. It amazed me just how much I am addicted to junk food. I made it through the day without succumbing to the temptations, finished all the food, and was better at budgeting what I ate and when. Although I felt really horrible and sick, the thing that kept me on it, is my wife is doing the same thing and we are accountable to each other.

Wednesday, I checked in on the higher end of 353… yay for progress. It was at this point that I set up rewards for myself for hitting different milestones. Since I’m a cyclist, most of them are bike related. They will be posted shortly, if not already, on this site. Thanks to the success of Tuesday, I had a much better idea on what to pack for my day in the realm of food. It made me feel better because I knew when I could grab a snack and could look forward to those times to help keep the edge at bay. I still felt pretty bad, but everything was starting to click now. Thanks to eating everything clean, without preservatives, it was time to prep and cook stuff for the rest of the week.

Thursday, 352lbs… yet another pound shed. I really pushed myself on the bike the night before so I woke up feeling sore. I once again packed food according to my make shift “food plan” and set out for the day. Things were once again surprisingly easier, I saw the Twinkies calling my name, but it was easier to say no. The combined force of my next reward in close sight, being accountable, and the results I have been already seeing alone was enough to go on to resist. The true test of the day is when a co-worker came and asked me if I wanted to go to an all-you-can-eat pizza joint that we used to frequent a lot, and I turned him down. That took a lot, but once again… I had all that stuff backing me too. My body finally started to feel somewhat normal, and I think it was starting to get the message on when to say it was hungry. It was starting to signal that it was time to eat, around the same times that I had my food plan set at.

Friday, I still checked in at 352lbs albeit a little lower. I felt good that day, I started thinking healthier. My “No’s” to the Twinkie carried more force and dominance. I was getting up to walk more at work, and the stares were not as scary. With both my body and mind working on the same page, it was that day that I realized I could do this for the long haul.

Saturday I checked in at 351lbs, one pound away from my first checkpoint and reward. When we set out on this diet, my wife and I designated Saturdays as cheat days. Basically anything goes on this day as a small reward for lasting the week. On the Monday prior, I was thinking today was going to be filled with boxes and boxes of doughnuts and cookies. A funny thing happened though, yes I cheated, but it was much less than what I thought it would be. I had a fruit and grain parfait (with actual dairy filled yogurt!) for breakfast, a pulled pork sandwich (with bread!) for lunch and lasagna with a small piece of cake and some homemade ice cream for dinner. It was funny because I was still saying no to the Twinkie, even though it was perfectly ok to have it. Does this mean I fail at cheating? It was also today that we went out shopping for next week’s stuff. We were a little more efficient at the stores this time around, learning from our mistakes from the prior week.

All in all, it’s been an interesting week. I always thought that “diet” foods were bland substances mashed together to some what look like “chicken” and give you a small number of calories. Oh how I was wrong. Even though I can’t really see this as a diet per say, I mostly just set out to end my dependability on processed crap. I’m still eating real food, just better quality, without being pumped full of preservatives that companies use to keep their products on the shelves for longer periods of time. I’m not about to go on an anti-corporation rant, because I get it. Processed foods last longer before they expire, so it’s easier for the stores to sell them, because they don’t have to throw half their inventory away every two days.

On the other side of the coin, though, that same money-saving strategy is probably one of the biggest reasons we as most Americans are this way, myself included. We aren’t made to eat unnatural preservatives that are created in a science lab. We aren’t made to eat cups full of refined sugar on a daily basis. It’s wrecking our bodies, by causing us to blow up like blimps and dying sooner than when we were supposed to! We are not made to eat that stuff, but the problem is that it’s SOOOOO addicting, and SOOOOO easy to obtain. So much so that the good stuff is at a point where you pretty much HAVE to go to a special store to buy most of it for about twice as much money as what the fake stuff costs. That’s sad! We as a country cater to us lazy folks. I’m just as guilty as any of you guys reading this…. The 120lbs that I still have yet to lose is proof of it.

This thing my wife and I are doing, it’s hard. I’m sure there’s a ton of more challenges that I am going to face, I’m counting on it. This is a whole lifestyle change. Two weeks ago, I had plenty of cop outs for the way my family and I ate. The “I’m too tired, let’s just order pizza.” Came up more than once on a weekly basis. Now, all those cop-outs are gone. Now, it’s me and my wife having to man the F*** up and do things.
It’s hard, but I am finding out that it’s not impossible.


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