About Me

Hi, I’m Xan. This here is my blog. Its probably going to be filled with random things that I’ve done or want to talk/rant about at the given time.  I use categories to sort everything out, this is both for you guys and myself. Feel free to reach out to me with Questions or comments here and I’ll get back with you.

About my Ride to Fit posts…

I am an amateur cyclist that is trying to get better. I’ve always had trouble with my weight, and I would try to combat it from time to time. Things happen, time gets away, and we all slack. One day I stepped on the scale to find out that it wasn’t my clothes that shrunk in the wash, I was staring at a screen practically yelling “380 LBS.”

It struck home, because I was really close to hitting the 400 LBS mark, and I didn’t want that to happen. So I took up bike riding. I don’t really have a type of ride I like the most… mostly its just a get out and peddle my butt off until I cant take it anymore then come back in.

My wife and I decided to dabble with the Paleo diet, for if anything, to find out ways to get ourselves away from processed food. At the time of writing this, I have lasted a week so far, lost some weight, and the food that we are eating just does not add up to “diet” stuff.

Anyways, thanks for checking out the site, and feel free to subscribe!