A Very Special Announcement :3

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hey guys….

I think I ate too many cookies >.>


Protecting Your Computer Part One

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If you’re like me, you have been seeing a lot of people getting their accounts and personal stuffs hacked into, and tend to be pretty paranoid about stuff pertaining to that. Probably the worse thing is that, I see things happen that can easily be avoided. A good amount of times, people are usually lacking in one of the four basic barebones security items.

  • Antivirus, keeping the nasties at bay
  • Antispyware, keeping the hidden nasties away
  • Firewall, watching your “traffic” and making sure nothing bad starts up
  • Router, providing that safety bubble of separation since 1969
  • Even though nothing can fully protect you from being hacked, these four things play off each other very well.

    To make sure everybody on the same page, this is probably what your network looks like, give or take.

    The way the outside network comes to you is first through a modem, then it may either go to your computer or to a router; then from the router to either a switch or your computer… and so on.

  • The modem is the door to the internet
  • The router is a box that causes a line of “separation” between the inside world and the outside world
  • The switch is a box that separates data and sends them to the appropriate computers
  • [The reason I have the switch colored differently is because, it really has nothing to do with security, on the level of what we are worried about, in essence, it’s not really required.]

    For right now, we are going to focus on the area between your router and your computer (assuming you have a router.)

    [The easiest way to tell if you have a router or a switch is to look at the boxes between your wall and your computer. They will have router, switch, and modem written on them in some fashion.]

    So lets start with your computer.

    Probably the basic thing everybody NEEDS is an antivirus AND antispyware. No exception. Period. If you’re going to hook a computer up to the internet, you are performing a HUGE disservice to yourself without an antivirus and antispyware program. The reason why, is because there are very nasty things that can download themselves to your computer and do more that just slow it down some. One of the most commonly known nasty things is called a keylogger.

    A keylogger is a program that downloads itself, with or without your knowledge, and starts recording every key you press on your computer. People give away email passwords, bank account passwords, WoW account passwords, you name it. This usually runs in the background, and can sometimes be a PITA to remove.

    Think of these two programs as the computers immune system, when you first install the programs, they start out going after the stuff that’s already in your information

    Then once it’s clean and safe, they stand guard and destroy anything that comes into sight.

    With all this said, it’s very beneficial for you to go out and get your computer protected. For the Antiviruses, I would recommend either Avast or Avira
    For the antispyware I would go with either Adaware or Spybot

    So that does it for now, next time we are going to take a look at your firewall and the importance of getting a router.
    As usual, I hope this information helps you make decent choices, and if you have personal recommendations on software you use, hit me up on either twitter, or shoot me a comment.

    Just For Starters

    •January 10, 2011 • 1 Comment

    OK…. lets get this started off on the right foot. Welcome to the new blog <3.

    Now, I have been seeing people in my guild, and on twitter getting their WoW accounts compromised over things that can easily be fixed and or avoided. So for this, I am going to start a small series on the tech side of things, about protecting yourself and your account while online. At the same time, clean out your system, and get more performance out of it.

    Also, over the dead space during the holidays, I have seen a lot of blog posts about food, cooking, and recipes… This struck an idea in my head to see what would happen if there was a community driven gamer cook book. It seems a little risky, but who knows… I don’t have anything to loose so I will try to start one.

    And while I’m at guides, I will attempt to start a druid healing guide… This is because I am working one up for our guild forums since we have a few new trees for our group. I don’t really want to write much on it right now because of all the flip flop changes we as trees are about to get.

    Anyways, I have been sorta learning how to heal again over my blog’s dead space. I went into this with the mindset of, “oh man.. look at all that mana!!! I don’t see why this would be a problem.” I’ll admit, I learned this the hard way… your huge numbers for the mana pool, means SQUAT. I hit 85… and the first thing I did was starting topping people off and blanketing the heroic group with rejuve.

    We were in stone core, and I was like, “Yeah, I got this.” Tank started on the trash pulls, no sweat… more trash… more blanketing. Then we got to the bed spring guy. I was like, “guys don’t do stupid @#$% and stay out of the shards.” The tank pulled, and my rotation was this: Lifebloom x3 on tank, rejuv, rejuv, rejuv, rejuv, regrowth, rejuv, rejuv, rejuv… oh noes tank is getting hurt.. SPAM REGROWTH!!1!1!! then I proc’d my innervate while doing a quick WTF because we weren’t even past the first phase yet. So the fight continued and I kept on spamming rejuv and regrowth, I ran out of mana again and we quickly wiped.

    So we tried about 3 more times and finally I had to step out because I just could not heal it. After moping around for a few hours because I had all this mana, and lost it so quickly. I decided to take a closer look at my spells, and read some guides. Man I was really shocked with what I came up with.

    bullet here the biggest thing I saw was, for the longest time in healing regulars and around the world… I always thought regrowth was better than nourish. I *thought* I was getting bigger returns from regrowth… Oh was I wrong.

    • rejuv costs a heck of a lot more mana to cast now… you blanket … you oom… you fail.
    • Healing touch, isn’t evil any more, its safe to touch without the stick.
    • At least until tomorrow nourish is probably our best form of a flash heal.

    After making those changes to my setup, I went back, and successfully healed heroic stone core. Now that I say all that, come tomorrow if the patch hits, it looks like there’s a good chance of regrowth taking its spot back as the flash heal of the time, and rejuv may be getting some love again.

    Fancy how that is… right? <3

    Oh Hai There

    •January 8, 2011 • 1 Comment

    Woot 2011!!! Man, its a new year, and I outgrew my old blog site. Its time to step my game up. So I have lots of stuff in the works, for this site, as you see, everything is still a work in progress, so bear with me as I clean up my mess ^_^.

    On this site, I am going to have my wow blog, a tech blog, and a small community idea that I had over the course of the holidays. Have any suggestions on what you would like to see? Leave a comment or shot me a message. Also I spend most of my day hanging out on twitter, so your more than welcome to get a hold of me there as well on @Xandrion.

    P.S. Deathwing burnt the cookies, sorry folks :(

    Shattering Screenshots

    •November 24, 2010 • 6 Comments

    So, I spent the later half of the day today running around Azeroth, checking out the sights and grabbing some screenshots for the lovely Rhoelyn. 5 screenshots where needed, 50+ were taken. People have asked to see more so I figured I’d pop out a few that didn’t quite make the cut ^_^

    Enjoy the breaking of the game.

    Pnut Quickies 3– This Time With Bug Features ;)

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    You ever have one of those days where you quickly wonder what you drank last? I had one of those days today. We took a group to heroic Blood Princes, and everything started out as normal. Until this happened…

    So, if you didn’t notice, or don’t know the fight, those Kinetic Bombs are supposed to just be going up and down, not going through walls and under the floor. Soo much win ^_^… And yes, we did down them Winking smile

    4.0.3 Madness ;)

    •November 16, 2010 • 4 Comments

    So, according to MMO-Champion, if everything goes to plan, 4.0.3 will be coming out tomorrow. This is not the one that blows up the world, but this is the one that sets everything in motion. This makes me think Deathwing is about to start doing his flying around nuking everything in sight thing. If this is true, its time to grab my fishing pole and start hanging out in Goldshire :3.

    Also.. phase 4 started today and man… its rather epic
    yeah… Open-mouthed smile


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